Craniosynostosis Onesies & T-Shirts For Your Cranio Kid!

Cranio T-Shirts: Are there any awesome and funny ones out there?

Q: What do you get when a mom whose son recently had cranial reconstructive surgery just happens to be a graphic designer? A: Cute Cranio shirts!

Necessity breeds invention (in this case, design). I decided that what was available on the market for Cranio Kids wasn’t expansive enough. My 4 month old son had a CVR (Cranial Vault Reconstruction) last week, and I wanted to be able to lighten up this serious situation with some funny and witty clothes for him post-op.  Micah is bald now and has an 8 inch incision from ear to ear and steri-strips covering it (for now), and I want to be able to take him out and for people realize that we are approachable.  They can ask what happened and we won’t get upset. These designs ought to do the trick! Here’s my cutie:

Micah’s sagittal suture was fused. This photo is him one week after his CVR: Wow!

Three of these designs are now available for purchase from (Forgive My Hair, I’ve Had Work Done, and Perfectly Shaped Heads). Summer will be working on a few more soon, and if you’d like one that isn’t already being offered, you may email her and request it! The proceeds from the sales from Cranio Care Bears go to help fund their awesome care packages. Be sure to request a free care package for your child’s surgery week while you’re there!

My First Cranio Designs (Some work for Plagiocephaly as well)

Check out the mockups of the designs I currently have.  Note: these are mockups only.

Looks great on most dark colored material.

Looks great on any dark colored material.

Looks great on any dark colored material.

FREE $200 Branding Package added to any Logo Design during September!

You may know that last month I offered half off of my custom charcoal portraits.  It was a hit!  I realized how much my friends and fans like a bargain, so I’m running a new promotion during September: FREE business card design, letterhead design, and envelopes with all logo designs.

This is a $200 value, and during September, it will be free! If you do not have a need for the letterhead and envelopes, you can opt instead to have me professionally print and ship 100 of your awesome new business cards to your front door.

See a few examples of branding packages here:

A collection of business card designs and letterheads by Kelly O'Neill

Your business may be just starting out, or it may need a facelift.  Either way, I’ve got you covered!  With your initial input, I use my expertise in both design and marketing to create something incredible for your business that will make you stand out among your competition and attract new clients or customers. See what a difference a professional logo can make!

If you’re on the fence as to whether you need a professional logo or not, please check out What To Know Before Hiring a Logo Designer. It will leave you with no questions, promise! :)

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the work I do for you, so if for some reason, I’m not able to “WOW” you with a design that you love, you aren’t under obligation to pay. In 11 years of serving clients, however, I’ve never had someone ask for a refund.

See some of my favorite logos that I’ve created for clients here:

Favorite logo designs by Kelly O'Neill - Group 1Favorite logo designs by Kelly O'Neill - Group 2Favorite logo designs by Kelly O'Neill - Group 3

“The Rest of the Story…” My Project for Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Wow!  A whirlwind of a few months it has been.  Last September, I was writing about my amazing experience designing for Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  If you missed that post, you may read it here!  Then, I had a baby girl in December, and now I’m able to post photos of the completed EMHE project since it’s aired and we’re past all of that legal secrecy mumbo jumbo. I know that many of you watched the episode, but if you missed it, the following photos will give you a pretty good idea of how me and my team spent our time and talent working on “Trike Town” with an incredible show that changes lives forever.

Kelly O'Neill Trike Town Extreme Home Makeover 2

Day 1 - My blank "canvas" - The carpenter extraordinaire is to my right.

Kelly O'Neill's Trike Town Extreme Home Makeover 5

Talking with Paul DiMeo after the set was primed. He was a trip!

No getting to bed early tonight! Thankful for my tireless team.

Kelly O'Neill's Trike Town Extreme Home Makeover 3

Me trying to play it cool while Ty Pennington admires our work. "Just keep painting... just keep painting..."

Kelly O'Neill's Trike Town Completed

The finished piece, Trike Town, installed and ready for the kiddos!

What To Know Before Hiring a Logo Designer

A lot of the clients who come to me need a logo designed. They may have researched a little bit, put the word out on Twitter, or gotten a referral from a friend. Many times, they are confused at the wide range of pricing they’ve found, and have questions about what they need to look for or who to trust. The purpose of this post is to educate the person who is in the market for logo design. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

First, let’s start with what not to do:

  • Visit a logo making website and piece one together yourself, or believe that having Microsoft Publisher makes you a designer.
  • Get your neighbor, son, nephew, grandma, friend, or cousin to design it… unless he or she is a professional with a strong portfolio, of course.
  • Go with the lowest price just because it’s the lowest price.
  • Decide it’s not in your budget to get a logo done right now and just go with something “temporary” until you start making money.
  • Hold a contest where the “winning” designer gets a nominal amount of compensation, or worse yet: mad props, a link on your website, or a glowing review… sure to bring the winner more work, of course.

Why these things are a bad idea:

  • Do it yourself websites and programs will result in a homemade, unprofessional looking logo. Stick with what you do best, and leave designing to designers.
  • An amateur may use Photoshop instead of Illustrator to design your logo, which will be cause for major limitations for its use!
  • The lowest price (especially one $100 or less) might include a “recycled” logo, or one using clip art or stock imagery. Not only would your logo be unoriginal, but it could infringe upon copyright laws.

Recent Design Projects!

Well, hello!  Thank you for stopping by. I am finally stepping away from the work that I’ve been doing for my clients to update my blog with some of my recent projects!

First, I’d love to show you a photographer’s logo that I designed in December that I LOVE.  Photography logos are some of my favorite to design because there is typically a level of class associated with them, but there is also room for a little fun! In this case, the mark incorporates a graceful monogram with some fairly straightforward typography.

Morgan Dawson logo

Next, I’ll post another fresh, clean design that I’ve created for a fantastic home designer. She has an intensely creative but quiet sense about her, and she wanted a logo and business card to reflect that. Tradition was put on the shelf, and I got to “paint outside of the lines” a little. It was great!

Becky Tillery business card

Now all designers have had a situation like this: A client approaches you with a concept that is tricky… say, a logo that must incorporate an eye, a star, and a reference to film. Oh, and not in a creepy way. I brainstormed and sketched, and came up with a classy design that I felt great about. Look closely to see all of the clever details. The client liked it, but didn’t feel that it fit them. (They directed the rest of the design concept, and we’ve come up with something that they are thrilled with but that you’ll never see in my portfolio). *smiling* As always, my end goal is the client’s 100% satisfaction, but I’ll display my favorite concept here:

Eyestar logo early concept

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