Miniature Polaroid Photo Magnet Project

I had way too much fun with these and…. I may be officially addicted.  After stumbling across a post about miniature magnets, I knew I had to turn some of my stunning photos of my daughter Juliet into teensy, fun Polaroid photo magnets! Thanks to The Velvet Trunk for the awesome photos, by the way.

Photo of three tiny polaroid photo magnets in my hand

Three of my favorite completed magnets

Step 1: Pick the Photos

First, my husband and I picked out our favorite photos of our daughter from birth until now.  (We ended up with over 40 of them.)

Step 2: Make them “Polaroids”

Then we scanned a Polaroid photo, cleaned it up a bit, sized it down to 1.5 in. wide and plugged in our photos in Photoshop, making several sheets of them and having them printed as 8x10s.

8x10 sheet of tiny Polaroid photos

25 colorful depictions of cuteness

Step 3: Cut Them Out

Next, we cut out the photos.  Nate had to remind me several times that they didn’t have to be perfect. :)

A stack of miniature Polaroid photos

These make me smile!

Step 4: Cut Your Backing

You can use any type of backing you want.  We used foam core.

Cutting foamcore for the backing of our magnets

With how many magnets we made, I was thankful to have great tools for this step.

Step 5: Secure everything properly

We’ve since experimented with different glues and different magnets to come up with the most secure and cost-effective way to do these, but below you can see our first attempts.

Photo of magnets glued to the back of foamcore

Dry time is about 20 minutes with rubber cement

Step 6: Enjoy!

And finally, we put them all on our fridge and stepped back in wonder (seriously).

Finished Miniature Polaroid Photo Magnets on a Refridgerator

Magnetic amazingness

Order Your Own

We had so much fun making these, and realized that it could become a side business, so we’re selling them (along with several other fun photo items) on Etsy now!  You may visit my shop here.


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