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Well, hello!  Thank you for stopping by. I am finally stepping away from the work that I’ve been doing for my clients to update my blog with some of my recent projects!

First, I’d love to show you a photographer’s logo that I designed in December that I LOVE.  Photography logos are some of my favorite to design because there is typically a level of class associated with them, but there is also room for a little fun! In this case, the mark incorporates a graceful monogram with some fairly straightforward typography.

Morgan Dawson logo

Next, I’ll post another fresh, clean design that I’ve created for a fantastic home designer. She has an intensely creative but quiet sense about her, and she wanted a logo and business card to reflect that. Tradition was put on the shelf, and I got to “paint outside of the lines” a little. It was great!

Becky Tillery business card

Now all designers have had a situation like this: A client approaches you with a concept that is tricky… say, a logo that must incorporate an eye, a star, and a reference to film. Oh, and not in a creepy way. I brainstormed and sketched, and came up with a classy design that I felt great about. Look closely to see all of the clever details. The client liked it, but didn’t feel that it fit them. (They directed the rest of the design concept, and we’ve come up with something that they are thrilled with but that you’ll never see in my portfolio). *smiling* As always, my end goal is the client’s 100% satisfaction, but I’ll display my favorite concept here:

Eyestar logo early concept

Now, this last one is a logo, but it was a different scenario. Months ago, I designed a logo for a dance instructor’s blues studio. He loved it, so when his dance class (a tango and blues mix) needed a logo redesign, he came to me. He had some very rough versions of a logo that another designer had worked on, but they needed a… *ahem* face lift. I was up for the challenge! See the before and after logos below:

Tangoed Up in Blues logos

So there you have it! These projects represent only a fraction of the designs I’ve worked on since my lengthy absence from blogging, but they are some of my favorites. Thank you for reading, and if you’d like to see more of my design work, visit my website!

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