The Lord Makes It Increase

Sometimes you feel a special connection to a song each time you hear it. That’s how I feel about Erik Bledsoe’s “Unless The Lord.” I actually felt compelled to blog about it, so I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read on.

Erik and his wife are good friends of mine and Nate’s, and when we got a copy of his CD Love several months ago, our daughter fell in love with it and would calm down instantly in the car if we played it for her when she was cranky. So, we haven’t removed it since.  :)  Because of that, I’ve played it over and over, and I always start with Track 6.

The song is about how unless the Lord builds our house, it’s only a matter of time before it will fail. All of our efforts and striving is futile without the Lord’s hand of provision and protection over our families and activities. The bridge that truly spoke to me became special during the time between November 2011 and February 2012, while Nate and I were trying to get pregnant with a second child. These are the lyrics:

We sweat and we bleed
Time and again
To painfully care for the seed.

We do what we can
To water and plan
But it’s the Lord who makes it increase.

He can give to His beloved…. while we sleep.

Now, Nate and I only tried for 3 months before we got a positive pregnancy test, but to a self-proclaimed control freak, that was 2 months too long.  After all, Juliet was conceived quite “easily” and I expected to just get pregnant again whenever I was good and ready. Ha! I think that God used this waiting time (and the disappointment we experienced after the first 3″failed” attempts) to bring me closer to Him and to learn to trust in HIM, not in my detailed timing and symptom tracking. Each time I heard that bridge, I was reminded (and sometimes brought to tears) that God can and will bless us in our sleep in His time. He loves us so much! His blessings may come in forms other than what we asked for or imagined, but they are always perfect.

We are expecting our second child in late October. We are overjoyed!

But you know what?  This meaning of this song extends so much farther than how I initially took it. In fact, I don’t believe that Erik even had conception in mind when he wrote the bridge. The truth is, we sweat and bleed, water and plan, do what we can in so many areas of our lives: Work life, home life, debt reduction, relationship building, and more, but do we remember that the Lord must bless it in order for our efforts to not be in vain? Nate and I are feverishly trying to pay off our mortgage, with a goal of a little over 2 years until payoff. We go to bed tired most nights because we parent and work most of the day, and then after Juliet goes to bed, we continue with working our new side business,…All to become 100% debt free so that we can live and give the way God is calling us to. My heart is to continue working hard while remembering that God is increasing our efforts, and He could make a way for us to be debt-free tomorrow if He chose to.

Are there areas of your life that you’ve been striving and feeling like you’re in control of? I hope you’ll take a moment to remember Who is truly able to make you succeed.

You can hear the song (and his others) and purchase anything you’d like here or from iTunes.



  • I just came across this and it was perfect timing. :) I think I played Bunco with his wife a few times. You don’t forget a last name that that very easily! Thanks for writing from your heart and sharing your experience and hope.

    August 23, 2012
    • Kelly

      Thank you, Carolyn! Betsy is awesome… and I could totally believe that she plays Bunco. She’s just cool like that. Ha!

      August 26, 2012

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