Referral Love

A portrait artist knows the value of a personal referral, and we want to encourage and reward those who tell friends and family about Kelly’s work!

1. Sign Up

We basically just need your contact info so that we can get your referral fees to you monthly. You may sign up below. We will send your reward by PayPal or by mail, whichever you prefer.

2. Start Talking!

You might want to share on Facebook or Twitter. Or, maybe you’re an emailer, blogger, or a phone talker.  We ask how each new client hears about her, so you’ll always get credit!

3. Earn Money

You may choose to receive your reward in cash or to go toward your own personal commissioned portrait or graphic design project:


$100 for drawings, $300 for paintings


$125 for drawings, $350 for paintings

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*The person you refer must not already be subscribed to my newsletter or be a previous customer.  Everyone else is fair game!  Referral fees above apply to artwork orders at the posted prices on the site. If the customer receives one of the limited number of scholarships we have available, the referral fee will proportionally reflect the discount given to the customer, but will not be less than $50 for drawings and $150 for paintings.

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